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Testimonial from Claire Walker

Care 4 Kids has been invaluable to my family these past 6 months. Having just had a baby and having had some complications, I was in need of a second pair of (adult) hands around the house. Care 4 Kids has been there whenever I needed it, with a friendly smile and a willing attitude. Sometimes she helps me while I am at home and sometimes I leave to go do errands and she stays with my three children. They absolutely love her and look forward to her coming back each week! These past 6 months have gone so quickly, and now that I am back on my feet, I know that I will continue using Care 4 Kids for my child care needs. I highly recommend their services.

Claire Walker
Mum of three in need of respite

Testimonial from Jessica

I have been working for the past seven years with the child carers that now work with Care 4 Kids. I have worked along side them through conferences, weddings, general child care, in the home and at the venues. I have had the privilege to work with them in large functions…. The Cerebral Palsy Foundation Function each year out at Cypress Lakes in the vineyards, in charity work and with respite to families in need. What a wonderful group of ladies to work with. Nothing is too difficult. No project too big, no project too small. I recommend Care 4 Kids, without reservation, as the most Customer Service Oriented Child Care Agency in the Hunter Valley.

Lotus Pet Services

Testimonial from Samantha Parker, The Vintage

“Julie has looked after my two children for the past 6 years. The kids love her…..always asking if she can babysit. They do wonderful crafts and really enjoy their time with her. They have always been looked after very well and we have never been disappointed with her services”.

Samantha Parker
The Vintage

Testimonial – Tanya mum of twins with autism

For me coming to terms with using a carer for my children was an enormous decision. Particularly so as my children (twins) both have special needs so you can imagine my trepidation at having someone else care for my children, after all no one can take care of them as well as their mum, right? Wrong, both Julie and Jessie have become like one of the family to the point that when they arrive, my son pushes me out the door saying bye mum, as soon as they walk in! I have no hesitation in recommending them 100% to anyone who will listen. I can’t imagine having anyone else care for my children, using them was the best decision of my life ?

mum of twins with autism

Testimonial from Clare Roche Mulham – Hunter Valley Gardens

Julie was always extremely competent, reliable and trustworthy with our three children. She would always entertain and play with the girls who all loved being in her company. I have recommended Julie to many friends and family over the years who have always been delighted with Julie’s understanding, patience and great humour with every child in her care. She always provided a very detailed, written account for us to read when we returned home, so we knew exactly what had transpired with each of our children. She is just wonderful and we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Julie for any babysitting role.

Clare Roche Mulham
Hunter Valley Gardens

Testimonial from Peter Ho “Renovators ” 2011

We were incredibly impressed with Julie. Organising a wedding is incredibly challenging, time consuming and frankly difficult. We were intending on organising baby sitting for our guests and engaged Julie to supply our guests with babysitters. They made our life easy by providing good advice as to the number of sitters required, then calling on agreed dates to confirm the numbers based on our guest rsvp’s, and then being incredibly understanding when we couldn’t confirm the numbers on the date we agreed (several times) due to the usual wedding slippage on our part. As to the baby sitters themselves, our friends stated they did a fantastic job, and thoroughly enjoyed our wedding without worry! If only all other service providers were as good, organising our wedding could have been a breeze. Thanks again guys.

Peter and Jen Ho
“The Renovators” 2011
Television Series


Just wanted to say thank you for arranging that Julie Ford could care for our son. He wasn’t feeling too well due to an ear infection, and it was a relief to know that Julie was experienced and compassionate. My wife and I were able to attend the wedding with far less anxiety than we otherwise would have. In addition, Julie went above and beyond on the following day, calling to ask about his condition and generously picking up medicine for us to treat him. We were moved at the care she gave and we would happily recommend her and your services to others visiting the Hunter Valley.
Please pass along our best wishes to Julie, and tell her our son recovered well and enjoyed the rest of our holiday very much!

M. Anderson


Thank you for babysitting us. You did a great job. At first I was really angry at mum for making me get babysat. I felt that I was going to be treated like a baby or that I was going to be bossed around, so I was definitely NOT looking forward to it. But it all turned out fine. You were not bossy at all and you were very nice and always let us do our own thing. I’m just thanking you for doing such a GREAT job and I had an awesome time.


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